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Extreme heat: cancellations and closures in Leicester


EXTREME temperatures in Leicester today have led to the following closures and cancellations:






  • Saffron Lane athletics track closed today (Tues)
  • Railway Day at Abbey Pumping Station cancelled today (Tues)
  • Humberstone Gate Beach & Funfair closed today (Tues)
  • Abbey Park funfair closed today (Tues)
  • Evington Library and St Barnabas Library closed early on Tuesday, but are reopening on Wednesday.
  • The Brite Centre, Central Library, Pork Pie Library, Highfields Library, Hamilton Library and Westcotes Library all closed early on Tuesday due to heat.
  • The city council's Customer Service Centre also closed early at 3pm on Tuesday, but people will still be able to get in contact by telephone. It will reopen as normal on Thursday.

Leicester’s director of public health Professor Ivan Browne said: “The high temperatures we’re experiencing can have adverse health effects, so it’s really important that people plan for the heat and consider changing their routines.

“Drink plenty of water, walk in the shade, avoid physical exertion in the hottest part of the day and try to avoid drinking alcohol, as this will make you more dehydrated.

“With a bit of common sense, we can stay safe in the heat.”

More advice on staying safe in a heatwave is available from the NHS website.